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Shining Light Jewelry

Last Updated November, 2011

Here you will find a wide selection of wedding band, commitment ring and engagement ring designs.  You can order them as shown or modify them to suit your own style.


Our Specialty...... Custom Design,

working with YOU to design your own unique rings

Gay friendly, eco-friendly, well..... just plain friendly.

Miche Meizner

owner of Shining Light Jewelry & Shining Light Resources LLC 

former president/owner of Sumiche Jewelry Co.

formerly Sumiche Jewelry Co.

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You can see more designs on my other site: Shining Light Jewelry

Simple Bands 
Many styles, widths, finishes to choose from SimpleBands.html
Hand carved and 
computer aided carvings CarvedBands.html
Vibrant color inlay rings ColorInlays.html

Conflict-Free Diamonds Rings

Fair Trade Gemstone Rings